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After a semester writing for The Daily Orange’s Pulp feature section, I joined the in-house staff as an Assistant Feature Editor. I worked with the team inside and outside of production to print the newspaper four times-a-week and plan 15 weeks of print and digital stories and collectives.

During the summer following my junior year at SU, I spent six weeks with the Eagle Newspaper team. Covering parades, town meetings and other feature stories, I worked with the editors of the Eagle Observer newspaper and the Homegrown magazine to produced stories and capture photos.

The Stand prints monthly sharing the stories of the South Side Syracuse community. I first started as a content editor, laying out stories to be printed. The following semester, I spent time in the South Side community with residents sharing stories about a volunteer homeless shelter, a 40-year-old hair salon and restoring one of its neighborhoods.

In my final semester at SU, I worked with the NewsHouse staff producing feature stories about the controversial Theta Tau videos, in which the story included Knight Lab’s Soundcite audio story features of soundbites from students about campus inclusion. Another multimedia story I worked on included pieces about a MakerSpace Center on campus.

The Daily Orange

Newhouse director Timi Komonibo balances recruiting students with running fashion enterprise

Komonibo founded her social enterprise, Style Lottery, in 2013. Four years later, she is a recipient of 2017 Bustle’s Upstart Award for her work in business, fashion and philanthropy. I talked to Timi about what started as her “open closet” policy with her sisters but then turned into a fashion philanthropy.
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Tennis program makes pros out of children with autism

For children with autism, social skills can be tough. This program at Drumlins Tennis Club kicks off its second session Saturday to develop those skills using tennis. This story was my first A1 and is still one of my favorite stories I have worked on. The program is nationwide and gets kids with autism more involved with the world of sports.
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Local ‘tattoonist,’ owner of Classic Trilogy Tattoo represents shop on ‘Ink Master’

Tattoo artist Thom Bulman opened his own shop two years ago, combining his love for tattoos with toys and collectables from comics and movies. I went to the tattoo shop three times to talk to Thom and one of his coworkers and to see what made the shop so special — the toys and collectables.
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Used books and vinyls are given a new home at Books & Melodies

The used book and music shop in Eastwood gets new items every day, adding to its extensive collection that spans five rooms and a basement. For my final article at The Daily Orange, I pitched the idea of featuring a local record and book store that not many students know about or get to explore.
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30 men don teal to aid in the fight against ovarian cancer

Every September, Hope for Heather selects 30 Syracuse men to fight ovarian cancer by spreading awareness during National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. The story details how two parents keep their daughter’s passion of health awareness alive with the help of their community.
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SU alumnus recruits future Planters Peanutters with NUTmobile

Alumnus Liam Sullivan and his peanutter partners Elise Grover and Iara Aldape brought the peanut on wheels to Syracuse University last week to recruit and talk about their times on the “nutty highways of America.” I was able to talk to the three peanutters in the NUTmobile and find out how they travel around the East Coast in a peanut.
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Eagle News

Jordan celebrates Memorial Day

I spent Memorial Day covering two parades — Jordan and Camillus. In the morning, I photographed the Camillus parade and spoke to a few residents, and in the afternoon I was in Jordan photographing and talking to community members.


New restaurant brings new flavors

I visited owner Hayder Abdullah and his restaurant, SUMER Restaurant, three times to talk to him about his tough circumstances in Iraq that forced him and his two cooks move to America and open the first Iraqi restaurant in the Syracuse area.


Marcellus class of 2017 celebrates


The south side stand

Beauty salon owner reflects on her 40-year presence in the community

Anna Morris has owned her beauty salon for 40 years, and it has survived through the tough history of Syracuse’s South Side. I met Anna at a town meeting I attended for another story, and I was assigned to find a small business within the community, and I reached out to Anna to setup a time to come down to the shop for a potential story.


Volunteer ministry offers poor, homeless a place to feel at home

Road to Emmaus Ministry works with homeless and poor South Side Syracuse residents to provide groceries, health supplies and clothing. The ministry also offers two weekly breakfasts, which I attended twice for the story and to talk to a few of the ministry’s members — volunteers and residents.



Faced with controversy

In the wake of the Theta Tau video scandal, more than a dozen students offer their thoughts as to what life is like at Syracuse University. Working with a team of reporters and editors, I produced this story about the Theta Tau fraternity controversy and how students on campus reacted and view the university community. Following the release of the video, the campus climate was tense, and a group of reporters in a News Writing class interviewed about twenty students with diverse responses about what the university should do, their reactions to the video and situations they have faced because of their race. I produced the intro copy and organized the photos and soundbites. I also worked with a team to produce the clips generated in Knight Lab’s Soundcite.