Arcadia University Website Redesign

Lead 3-year-long website overhaul project
Higher Education
Web UX Manager

At the start of 2021, I joined the Arcadia University Marketing Department taking on the challenges of balancing enhancements and maintenance to the then-current website for positive audience journeys alongside the early stages of a new website redesign project.

Through partnership with a website design firm, I worked with the rest of the Marketing department and led a comprehensive three-year website overhaul project, transitioning from Drupal to WordPress. This involved conducting in-depth content audits, user journey mapping, audience research, and information architecture design.

The new revitalized the university main site with its subsites, consolidating 12,000+ pages down to 4500, maintaining archives for news, student blogs, and exhibitions. The site focused on audience journeys for prospective students, current students, as well as other external communities.

Guide Tactical UX Updates Based on Analytics

Employing a data-driven approach, I guided tactical user experience updates by analyzing insights from tools such as Siteimprove, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. Through continuous engagement testing, I identified areas for improvement and implemented strategic enhancements to optimize the overall user journey based on a comprehensive evaluation of site content and design, competitor analysis, current trends and University initiatives.

Write, Edit and Curate Content

With the new site development in progress, my focus extended beyond content creation to ensure alignment with the newly developed Arcadia branding and voice. I took an active role in crafting, editing, and curating content on the University website and intranet. Additionally, I provided guidance for institutional subsites, including Arcadia Abroad and Arcadia Exhibitions. Through meticulous content and image optimization, I maintained a consistent tone, style and identity across various online platforms.

Manage and Train Web Content Editors

In a leadership capacity, I managed and trained a team of 120+ web content editors, ensuring that they adhered to SEO, accessibility, and quality assurance best practices. This included regular training sessions each semester and academic year to empower the team in maintaining and optimizing content effectively. Through this collaborative effort, we ensured a consistently high standard of content across the University's web platforms.