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*with a slight obsession for all things food

A "Swiss Army knife" for digital and print content strategy

Working with small businesses, nonprofits, and restaurants, I help grow clients' social media reach and graphics, build website content and SEO rankings, and strategize how to maximize audience engagement digitally and in person.

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About Connor

Connor Fogel

Connor Fogel

Freelance Content Strategist, Home Cook

As a freelance content strategist, my projects have been successful in creating social media content, writing blog posts, and developing weekly and monthly strategies based on specific client analytics to execute campaign and organize events.

With a background in journalism and my creative skills across all Adobe programs, social media and digital content is where I’ve found my home.

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When I’m not creating on my computer or behind a camera, I’m cooking food.

Making fresh pasta and pizza, waking up at 2:30 in the morning to spend the day with a full brisket in the smoker, or mixing together whatever's in season, I love exploring the world of food.

I'd love to share the tastes and smells of everything, but the best I can do is share pictures (and hopefully recipes soon!)

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What's Cookin'

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Beers are Flowing, Food is Smoking

Brisket and Brews showcases the best barbecue and beers around the Philly area. The blog and Instagram page share the foods that come from the beautiful power on low-and-slow cooking with fire (and whatever secret spice blend each spot swears by.

Read more to see where we've gone so far, and feel free to share you favorite spots around the area.

See the map for where we've been before. Read the blog to see what we thought. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our finds.

Dive into Brisket and Brews

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