Visit Philly

Optimize website to Increase traffic and engagement. Advise content strategy.
Digital Web Manager
2022 - Present

As the Digital Web Manager, I lead a dynamic web technology team dedicated to enhancing the overall performance of our digital platforms. Collaborating closely with the content team and developers, we implemented site improvements aimed at boosting traffic, increasing conversion rates across traffic channels and enhancing user engagement. This multifaceted initiative involved optimizing user journeys, refining interface design, and implementing cutting-edge technologies on the WordPress website to create a seamless and user-friendly online experience.

Transition from Universal Analytics to GA4

Overseeing the transition from Universal Analytics to the GA4 platform was the first project I led for the Visit Philly web team, a crucial step in aligning our analytics infrastructure with the latest industry standards. This project involved meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a smooth transition for daily, monthly, and annual website analytics - the timely action of going into 2023 with the foundation of GA4 set up now allows the team to measure year-over-year data in the one platform moving forward.

Additionally, I managed the implementation of more than 60 event tracking tags using Google Tag Manager, providing comprehensive insights into user interactions and behavior.

Advise Content Strategy with Data Insights

Leveraging my expertise in analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Similarweb, I actively contribute to shaping the content strategy. By analyzing data trends and user behavior, I provided strategic insights that inform content creation and distribution across various channels. My efforts resulted in a year-over-year traffic increase of more than 500K users to, close to 8% growth.

Represent In-the-Know Friend or Neighbor by Endless Exploring Philly

Beyond analytics and technology platforms about the city, I immerse myself in the vibrant neighborhoods and latest events to embody the role of the in-the-know friend or neighbor. By following the pulse of the city, it's created even more of a connection to the place in which I live, work and share so much about.